Debian-Archos.com Opening !

Welcome to Debian-Archos.com, as its name indicates, this site will be dedicated to installing Debian on our favorite machines!

A wiki and bug tracker has even opened.

This site is the second version of the dev.katlea-studio.com but this time, fully dedicated to the topic and hopefully more clear and more accessible!

As well you find a page for downloading and a wiki for installation and development!


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  1. Hi,
    I really would like to try debian on my archos 101, but I am totally stymied on how to install the archos SDE. From the archos site, I can download two files without any instructions whatsoever (download to where, PC or Tablet or sd card) and do I need to insert an usb cable and so on…

    There are movies, that do not help much either.

    Can somebody point me to a /written/ step by step instruction on installing the SDE?


    [email protected]

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