Debian (gnome) Beta 2

Beta 2 available in Download section

Version 2.0 april 15, 2011

Wifi integrated Management by GUI wicd

sudo command enabled

250MB swap file added

Matchbox-keyboard visual keybord added

Suite installation OpenOffice.Org for ARM platform

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  1. Great work!
    Thanks man!

  2. @katleastudio and crew,

    This is amazing, I’m really excited to see Debian on the gen8 Archos devices.

    I downloaded the Beta 2 rootfs.img, and it is 4.06GB. I’m developing for the A28 because it is so cheap ($99 USD), which when mounted only reports a capacity of 3.42GB. I can’t try out the image because it is too large to fit on the boot disk of the A28.

    Is there a way to reduce the size of the image so that it can be installed on the A28? Or, is there a way to use an SD card or some kind of external storage and have the A28 find the rootfs.img on that disk? Thanks for your help!

    -Ben Standefer

  3. I was able to resize the image to be smaller using this methodology: http://www.androidfanatic.com/community-forums.html?func=view&id=1610&catid=9

    Now, the A28 boots to a blank black screen with a single underscore/prompt looking thing (not flashing) in the top left corner. I don’t have a keyboard hooked up, but maybe I need to hit Enter or type something. I’ll get a keyboard tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

    -Ben Standefer

  4. I think it’s an Xserver problem, you’ll eed to log on with debian/debian and then launche the “startx” comand.
    But for questions go on the forum ;)

  5. I downloaded the Beta 2 image and it boots nicely on my Archos 43. It is French, which is a bit of an issue for me as I need an English system, but this should be a matter of changing the language settings so no big deal. The big deal, however, is that without any touchscreen calibration the mouse movement is very limited and cannot travel to the main GNOME taskbar, so I can’t do anything. With no way to get WiFi, Bluetooth, etc I can’t connect a mouse or login with VNC/SSH either. How do you calibrate the touchscreen?

  6. Look at this on the wiki :



  7. Great Work! Thanks for all your efforts. I am interested in everyone’s experience with the Archos 43. I am debating whether to buy the 43 or 101. I am really excited about having a Debian PC in my pocket. With Debian on the 43,

    1) Can you connect a keyboard and mouse through USB port or Bluetooth?

    2) Can you hook up a Monitor to the HDMI port.

    3) Can you use the built in stand with the display orientation.

    4) Is the virtual keyboard usable or is the 43 too small?

    Thanks for any info.

  8. If you want to avoid having to use sudo for anything that uses the network (which you really should, running web browsers as root is a bad idea), add a group with gid 3003, and add every user that needs network access to that group.

  9. The Archos 43 runs Debian pretty well, it takes some work to get the touchscreen calibrated though. Also, as of now it only works in portrait mode because the video driver is incomplete and the 43′s screen is portrait by default. I don’t think Bluetooth or USB host works yet either.

  10. Unfortunately, the language doesn’t change.. I’m trying to change it in English or in Greek but it doesn’t work.. :-(

  11. Salut, je viens de reprendre votre article sur mon blog! Merci.

  12. Did anyone manage to run Debian on their Archos 28? Amazon has dropped its price further to $70 and I thought it might be a good chance to use it for some hobbyist projects that I’ve been thinking of. In particular, would be grateful if someone could let me know whether wifi and USB host works. Thanks!

  13. Tank je viens de partager ton site web sur Facebook.

  14. Unfortunately, the language doesn’t change.. I’m trying to change it in English or in Greek but it doesn’t work.. :-(

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