Multi-Boot for Archos gen8 (openAOS)

You’ve probably heard about the multiboot OpenAOS created by BuBu. Here is an article on how to install and configure the multiboot!


  • have the “Special Edition firmware developer” installed.
  • Download the files available here Initramfs and zImage

Step 1

Flash initramfs.cpio.gz and zImage from SDE boot menu:

  • power on  Archos device, hold up/- volume key  until you see “Archos AXXXX – Boot Menu”,
  • choose with Volume +/- “Recovery System”->“Developer Edition Menu”->“Flash Kernel and Initramfs”,
  • connect Archos to PC and copy zImage and initramfs.cpio.gz
  • press power button shortly, you should see Archos flashing new kernel
  • if flashed properly, press power button shortly to reboot.

Step 2

Create a file “menu.lst” to the root of your Archos (ie next to your file “rootfs.img”).

My file looks like this :

Angstrom Linux|/dev/sda1|/rootfs.img|/sbin/init|1

Kubuntu which is the text displayed in the bootmenu, “/dev/sda1” is the address of the files “xxx.img”, “Kubuntu.img” is the name of the file “xxx.img” to load, “/sbin/init ” is the address of the file starting linux in the file” xxx.img “, default “/sbin/init ” for linux and “/ init” for Android and add last “1″ for Linux and “0″ Android.

It’s done, Enjoy! And thanks to OpenAOS

Go Back

Follow the step 1 but with this file :zImage/initramfs

6 commentaires pour “Multi-Boot for Archos gen8 (openAOS)”

  1. After I flash the Initramfs and zImage “My external keyboard and mouse stop working” Does anyone have a fix for this issue?

  2. It’s work for me :/ Try to flash again, else i will upload original zImage and initramfs to go back.

  3. I see that the screen is still upside down, this is not convenient when one uses this case and keeboard
    Is a solution to get the screen up in a normal manner ?

  4. can you please?? I still am not able to get them to work, even after flashing again

  5. Are your USB ports are powered ??? If you want de go back try reinstall SDE and if it doesn’t work format device and reinstall original firmware by aos file on archos website.

  6. Hi, I couldn’t unzip the bootmenu.zip, always showing some errors.
    Could you help me whit this?

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